Oliver Lebert

Game Programmer with
an interest in tools, shaders and virtual reality,
currently studying at FutureGames

class Portfolio


Dream Walker FutureGames Game Project 2

Customizable Game Grid

Unity Asset Store Tool

Slime – A Dungeon Escape

FutureGames Game Project 4


FutureGames Game Project 2


FutureGames Game Project 1


I started my programming journey in late 2019.

I was studying filmmaking during my final year of high school, I decided to take a programming 1 course since it’s something I’ve always wanted to learn. It was incredibly fun, I started programming outside lessons and finished all the assignments in just a few weeks. That’s when I started learning Unity.

Also, around this time, a friend told me about FutureGames. With only a month left to apply to FG’s Game Programmer education, I started on my work sample: a VR escape room game.

I had pretty much no knowledge of how Unity worked. But I was determined to get in, whatever it took. I worked on the game every day, trying to obtain knowledge in any way I could, through youtube, documentation, forums, etc.

When the deadline came, I felt pretty confident in what I had made. I sent it in, and a few months later, I got my acceptance letter.

A few months into the education I’m surprised how quickly I’ve learnt. My approach has been to just try and soak up as much knowledge as I can from any and all sources and it has worked surprisingly well. I’ve also discovered an interest for tools. It’s incredibly gratifying to automate boring and mundane tasks to speed up the project in ways no-one expects. It enables the entire team to focus on what’s actually important and fun.

My current goals are to strive even higher and to work more in team projects since they are so fun and (when the team is motivated) usually results in amazing results. I want to learn more shaders, tools and also experiment more with virtual reality since I believe that’s the future for gaming.